Visual Effects Designing (Backdrop Cyclorama Projections )


Visual  Backdrop Projections which are a  modern techno gadget and have its unique way of presentation to an at par level. The Cyclorama / Backdrop Projections contribute a perfect background  as a location of the scene and beyond that it facilitates in creating the mood… emotions.. and the texture of the respective theme of any show. It is usually employed  to replace the Settings complexities and as well give perfect location as per the production needs.

Artarena specializes in Designing & Execution of Cyclorama Visual Effects  for theater, events and ballets.

Hema Malini’s mega ballet productions of Mahalaxmi, Durga, Yashoda Krishna, Ramayana, Radha-Raasbihari, Meera  have been designed and implemented across country and globe by Artarena. The mega Dance Ballet , "Urvashi : Celebration of Love and Womanhood" by mantra Vision Pvt. Ltd .

The company was fortunate to design visuals for various classical and contemporary dancers like Keka Sinha, Deepak Muzumdar, Sheila Mehta , Gracy Singh, Rekha Chaudhary, Pavitra Bhatt, Vaibhav Arekar , Vidya Shriram, Aditi Bhagwat,  Bhakti Harish, Sandeep Soparkar to name a few and for various Dramas including Marathi play , "Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy'" and various Nehru Centre productions.

The creative contribution for Visuals for the show "Rang Nava" by Mukta Barve was a feather in cap for the company.

Our latest endeavor is a step ahead in the Fashion Event Industry  in Visual Effects and design  for organisations like NIFT and others.