Production Management



As Production Managers Artarena plays a vital role in production weather if it is the premier show or the 100th show. Providing from a pin to media coverage for any event including the coordination with the Artiste and technicians , documentation and records along with correspondence and the financial records leaves the client to focus on the creative side of production.

Artarena can arrange  a full-fledged team of backstage artistes and technical professionals ,  Inventory and Service Providers , Photographers and Printers as per the requirements   of client and demand of any production successfully implement the event    as an integral part  Event Branding.  Coordinating for Tickets and Online Bookings and  necessary Licenses  for the event along with the coordination for social media , press and publicity can be handled with intricacy. 

ARTArena has been working in various capacities on the coordination, management and administrative level to make an  event successful. The company has its reputation for more than past 10 years in the Commercial Drama Productions for successful management and designing in Theatre Domain. 

The ongoing commercial hit play starring  Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta , " Mera Who Matlab Nahi Tha " ;  Dinner with Friends, Salesman Ramlal, Tumhari Amrita by Feroz Abbas Khan and  Boiled Beans on Toast, Where Did I Leave my Purda by Lillete Dubey ; Nehru Centre’s various research based productions, various National and International Theatre and Dance Festivals are a few prominent illustrations for same. Beyond this have been working on various ballet productions like PIYA BAWARI for Vidya Shriram PRATIBIMB, PRAYAAS for Shoma Kaikini .