Costume Designing

Designing Costumes for Theatre and Films has been more of a passion than a process resulting in designing  costumes for various genres and forms of productions. ARTArena is proud to be associated with various directors and organisations for designing the costumes for extensive panorama from periodic plays, with mythological themes, realistic and contemporary subjects


“Sita Viyog” directed by Pramod Pawar , Vijay Tendulkar’s “Giddhade” , Rajiv Naik’s “Is Kambhkht Sathye Ka Kya Kare”, Heather Raffo’s “9 Parts of Desire”, Bertolt Brecht’s  “The Life of Galileo”, various Nehru Centre’s productions and few Dance ballets production are the few works in the arena of Costume Designing done by Artarena.

 The company had an opportunity to design costumes for the Short Acclaimed Films like  "Lihaaf" ( based on Ismat Chuktai’s story )and “Nakabandi” directed by Rohan Sonawane for Whistling Woods Int. Ltd.