Artiste Management

ARTArena’s  core competency lies in identifying & nurturing talent, successfully managing the careers of both established & new artistes and helping them develop their brand identity.

ARTArena looks after managing dates and schedules for the artistes.

ARTArena deals with the legal and financial documentation and correspondence of the artistes

ARTArena coordinates for the media and press coverage of the artistes. 


Artarena have been managing the Kishore Kadam, a vibrant actor on stage and cinema ; is equally  popular in the literary elite and to the masses  by his pen name “ Saumitra” for his sensitive lyrics. The new era in Marathi films have spectatored Kishore’s wide-ranging performances in Jogwa, Pangira, Deeol, Bal Gandharva  and Ek Cup Chaha. Kishore Kadam’s breathtaking entry in Hindi film Black Friday directed by Anurag Kashyap have led his impact over the niche of the layman. Kishore had been honored with various esteemed awards on the state and national level for his acting and as well in the literary domain.

The most prominent of all are best actor 2007-08 Pune International Festivals for Jogwa & Dukhache Shwapad and Nilu Phule award for Kishore’s contribution in cinema and theatre. The last but not the least was the Lokamt 2011 Maharashtrian Award for Literature by the hands of her Highness Mrs. Pratibha Patil.