About ARTArena


ARTArena is an Event and Artiste Consultant  Company which is devoted for providing professional management, designing and  creative consultancy along with  technical support to the entertainment industry. The forte of the company lies in the Production Designing and Management and to perfectly blend the creative requisites with technical support to the client.

 We specialize in  the projects for the development of theme , designing the concept  and to provide with appropriate technical assistance for the  creation and  development   of  cultural festivals, events, concerts and ballets.

 We as Event Management Company revise   the intricacies of the brand, identify  the target audience and thus devise  an event concept ; followed by planning  the logistics and coordinating  the technical aspects to successfully  execute an event.

 Designing & Execution of Stage, Sets and Lights for theater, festivals, events, concerts and ballets  along with Venue booking, Licenses, Photography and Press Coordination is managed under one roof.

 Film Premier Shows, Book and Music CD Launches, Cultural Festivals, Promotional Events and Annual Institutional and Organisational  Events are designed and managed by the company.

 We do have on our roster various performers, and technical professionals thus can assist to customize an event as per the requisite of the client with the assistance of the core team.

 Artarena specializes in Designing & Execution of Cyclorama Visual Effects ( Backdrop Projections )   for theater, events and ballets.

 Designing Costumes for Theatre and Films has been more of a passion thus able to design  costumes for various genres   weather for periodic play of Brecht and Ismat Chuktai or to handle mythological or realistic subject .

 Theatre, Stage Craft and Acting training followed by unique productions to stage youngsters and revitalize the past literature, music and arts to harmonize the modern living is undertaken as challenge by the company. The sister company named Kreative Kids is already working with children for theatre training workshops.